My Work as an Editor

If you're serious about becoming a published author, you need to know about the different types of editors and their roles. For example, book publishing companies may employ:
  • editorial managers to oversee all activities and projects of editorial departments
  • project editors to coordinate editorial projects through the editorial and production phases
  • acquisition editors to seek appropriate manuscripts to publish
  • developmental editors to engage in creating and designing new and revised editorial projects
  • content editors to review, edit, and, if necessary, re-write manuscripts for publication
  • copy editors to correct manuscripts for grammar, punctuation, and spelling and prepare them for production
In some publishing houses, editors find themselves also being an author or co-writer on their projects. When I worked as a staff editor, I was credited as a writer of a book if I had done extensive re-writing of the manuscript. These were some of the projects on which I worked when I was an editor at Janus Books, Inc. during the 1980s.


Decimals and Percents by Rose Lock and Evelyn Morabe-Murphy (1987)

Decimals and Percents Teacher’s Guide and Resource by Katy Buechner Andino and Susan Echaore-Yoon (1987)

Math Language by Susan Echaore and Winifred Ho Roderman (1985)

Solving Word Problems by Susan Echaore and Winifred Ho Roderman (1985)

Using the Calculator by Gregg Aronson, Susan Echaore, and Winifred Ho Roderman (1985)

Estimation by Renee Bostick, Susan Echaore, and Winifred Ho Roderman (1985)


Human Systems Teacher’s Guide by Susan Echaore and John Bartavian (1984)

Machines by Susan Echaore and Bud Wentz (1984)

Machines Teacher’s Guide by Susan Echaore (1984)

Weather Teacher’s Guide by Susan Echaore (1984)


Electing the President by Tom Belina, Susan Echaore-Yoon, and Mary Freidland (1988)


Buying and Caring for Clothes by Linda Gong and Lynn Wilson (1987)

Reading and Following Recipes by Jan Crocker, Linda Gong, and Lynn Wilson (1987)

Planning Healthy Meals by Nan Bostick and Susan Echaore (1986)


Restaurant Language by Stuart E. Schwartz, Ed.D. (1983)

Restaurant Words by Jim Richey (1983)

In the past, I have edited books and other materials for individuals, community groups, and other organizations. Examples include:

2007-2008 San Benito County Grand Jury Report
San Benito County Civil Grand Jury (2008)
I served as a volunteer juror. Along with my primary juror duties, I was responsible for editing reports and managing the editorial tasks of the comprehensive investigative report.

Life is the Means to Exist
by David Navarro
Salinas, Calif.: Self-published, 1994.
(A book of poetry)

The Trail That Tells the Tales
by David Navarro
Salinas, Calif.: Self-published, 1992.
(An autobiography)

Once in a Lifetime
by David Navarro
Salinas, Calif.: Self-published, 1991.
(A book of poetry and prose)

Take Charge of Your Life
by the Salvation Army Booth Memorial Center
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Network Publications, 1988.
(A life skills workbook for teenagers developed by a youth organization in Oakland, California)

With Silk Wings: Asian American Women at Work
by Elaine Kim
San Francisco: Asian Women United of California, 1983.
(An anthology about the lives of Asian American women in the San Francisco Bay Area)

Iriri ti Pagsayatan ti Sapasap
Jeanette Cordero, Sue Echaore, Rodel Rodis, and Joey Arcellano, editors
San Francisco: self-published, 1976.
(An anthology about Filipino-American history)